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Confused? App Controlled Toys!

The world is full of smart technology is moving fast but one of the big advances you rarely hear about is App controlled sex toys. 

How do they work? Well that’s the easy bit. 

Just buy the compatible toy, download the App and you’re ready to join a whole new world of adult toys.

Remote controlled vibrators were thought to be futuristic enough, you could or someone could, control your pleasure without even touching the toy but you had to be in the same room. Now, you can be enjoying some erotic fun with that other even if you’re in different countries.

Not only is this great for long distance relationships, but in the current global pandemic you can still be enjoying endless amounts of fun even if you’re self isolating separately. 

But here’s the extra bonus, you can also use some of them for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, because they work as kegel trainers as well. If you don’t know it already, exercising your PC muscles 

Double the fun, double the effect! Some of the Apps come with specific trainers that tell you what to do and how well you’re doing, even giving you a performance score. 

Oh and lets not forget the masturbators for the guys!


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